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              1. California Education Finance

                Committed to building the future of education in California.

                Our team brings experience, professionalism and integrity to financing K-14 school bond programs in the state of California. We pride ourselves on providing creative solutions, top-notch service and low borrowing costs, supporting our clients’ efforts to act as true stewards of taxpayer dollars. Our seven-person education team out of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County is backed by the power of Raymond James, which is consistently among the leading municipal bond underwriters in the nation. Our extensive distribution network reaches not only Tier 1 institutional buyers, but also Tier 2 and Tier 3 with the largest middle-market institutional sales force in the nation.


                underwriter of negotiated general obligation bonds for K-12 school districts in California*


                public finance professionals dedicated to California K-12 financing


                senior managed transactions priced in 2018 totaling $1.137 billion**


                employees in 185 offices in 109 cities statewide


                retail brokers with 120,910 accounts and $26.4 billion AUM

                *Source: Bloomberg, based on par amount
                **As of 12/31/2018

                Full-service Capabilities

                • General obligation bonds
                • Certificates of participation
                • Private placements
                • Tax-credit financings
                • Limited tax obligations
                • Rating agency strategy
                • Debt portfolio analysis

                Enhancing the Classrooms of California School Districts


                Randy Merritt
                Managing Director, Head of California Education Group
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                John R. Baracy
                Managing Director
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                Parker Colvin
                Managing Director, Municipal Underwriter
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                Alexzis Fuke
                Senior Vice President
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                John Nguyen
                Senior Vice President
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                Brett Lee
                Vice President
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                Featured Transactions