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              1. Who Our Advisors Serve

                You. A Raymond James advisor’s valued client.

                Raymond James advisors serve a wide range of clients with a variety of financial planning needs. Individuals and families, business owners and institutions. Your Raymond James advisor has the expertise to guide you through the range of financial services and products available to you. No challenge is too big. No detail is too small. As stewards of the client-focused principles on which Raymond James was founded, our advisors are dedicated to helping you plan for and strive toward your goals.

                Families & Individuals

                A personal approach to financial planning

                From innovative investment strategies to custom estate planning and wealth transfer, you can turn to Raymond James for robust financial planning designed to help you manage, grow and preserve your wealth.

                Access to industry-leading research, secure technologies and a broad spectrum of specialized experts allow your advisor to develop customized strategies to help you meet your objectives – and to adjust when circumstances change. We take a holistic approach to your financial needs, coordinating with other professional advisors such as attorneys and certified public accountants to ensure all aspects of your financial life are in harmony.

                Our business is you and your financial well-being.®
                Our full-service capabilities include:

                Business Owners

                Custom financial solutions for entrepreneurs

                You’ve built something remarkable. And you want it to endure.

                As a business owner, you learned the skills necessary to be successful – to compete, to blossom, to grow. You became accustomed to your personal and professional lives overlapping in ways you likely didn’t imagine. You had a vision, and you brought it to life.

                At Raymond James, we started out the same way. We know the joys and challenges of being an entrepreneur. And how important is it to create a comprehensive plan designed to achieve your goals.

                A Raymond James advisor can help guide you through the complexities of your financial situation to develop a strategy that considers every aspect of your personal and professional well-being – important matters such as passing your legacy onto the next generation and providing retirement planning options for your workers. Deep resources and expert analysis are the pillars of a strategy customized to your needs.

                Our objective is to help you meet yours.
                Our full-service capabilities include:

                Corporations & Institutions

                Expertise that supports institutional clients

                Every organization has a specific mission. Executives and financial decision-makers of corporations and institutions have a tremendous responsibility to serve their workforce and their communities in pursuit of their mission.

                At Raymond James, our guiding principle is to always put the needs of the client first.

                A Raymond James advisor can act as a liaison in connecting corporate and institutional executives with the experts who are uniquely qualified to help them develop solutions and strategies for complex financial issues. We have experience working with private businesses, public corporations, institutions and municipalities to meet their financial goals and objectives.

                Great care is taken to help you navigate complex financial decisions to achieve your organizational goals.

                Our success is predicated on your success.
                Our full-service capabilities include:

                Commentary & Insights

                Estate & Giving

                Strategies for keeping your beloved home within the family

                Preserving your property across generations takes thoughtful planning and open communication.

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                Lifestyle & Technology

                Easy ways to add a little more joy to your day

                Add a small splash of happiness to your regular routine with these suggestions.

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                Business Ownership

                Giving back can be very good for business

                Explore four ways that giving back can benefit you, your business and your staff.

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                Find an Advisor

                Connect with a Raymond James advisor or an office near you.

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