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              1. Working with a Raymond James Advisor

                It starts by being personal.

                Your relationship with a Raymond James advisor begins with a meaningful conversation – about you. Your goals, your wants, your needs, your concerns, your family, your passion, your vision for the future. It’s about working together to understand the strategies and services that will give you the optimal chance to fulfill your objectives – to live the life you want.

                Next, you and your advisor will develop a comprehensive plan.

                Just like you, your plan is unique. It will be customized to help you reach major milestones – the ones you know are coming, and perhaps a few you haven’t considered yet. With comprehensive, institutional-quality resources, your advisor can provide a wide array of wealth management services, from investment strategies backed by award-winning research to estate planning vehicles that ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you intend.

                In implementing the plan, your advisor will work in collaboration with other professionals, such as attorneys and accountants, to assure your financial plan is holistic – all aspects working together. Through Client Access, you will have online access to up-to-date account information, all while your accounts and information are protected by cybersecurity technology that goes well beyond the industry standard.

                Through the years, your plan will evolve with you.

                The relationship with your advisor will grow deeper as you monitor the progress of your investments and review your strategy. Life events might require adjustments. Whatever the need, whatever phase of life you are in, your advisor will see you through.

                Working with a Raymond James advisor means you have more than a financial planner.
                You have a trusted financial partner – for life.

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